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This year, Banque Degroof Petercam is celebrating its 150th anniversary.
Business & Finance 3 min. 17.09.2021
Because it offers good prospects for financial returns and features an entrepreneurial approach to investing, Private Equity is becoming increasingly attractive.
Business & Finance 3 min. 22.08.2022
Increasing numbers of Luxembourg residents are looking to make property investments in Spain.
Business & Finance 5 min. 17.03.2023
When wealth is directly linked to the success of a family business, insuring all interested parties share key management principles will help the business to continue to thrive, and that the value of assets can be preserved for future generations.
Business & Finance 4 min. 13.06.2022
Direct heirs do not have to pay inheritance tax in Luxembourg, but only if they are resident in the Grand Duchy and the assets are held and passed on in an equitable fashion.
Business & Finance 4 min. 30.05.2022
Luxembourg property is an interesting investment opportunity, but there are many variables to consider when seeking to maximise returns.
Business & Finance 3 min. 16.05.2022
Art investing is attracting ever-increasing numbers of people.
Business & Finance 3 min. 17.09.2021
Buying a second residence in France is a dream for many Luxembourg residents.
Business & Finance 3 min. 17.09.2021
Luxembourg residents with real estate in Belgium, or those seeking to buy, have much to consider
Business & Finance 3 min. 02.05.2022
Investing involves risk. Just the fear of having assets devalued in a financial shock can be distressing for many investors.
Business & Finance 3 min. 19.04.2022