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City dining on a budget

Dining out can be expensive in Luxembourg, so here's our take on budget eats in the city with mains from €10-15, and sometimes less

Brasserie Bosso in Grund has a great choice of dishes including spätzle

Brasserie Bosso in Grund has a great choice of dishes including spätzle © Photo credit: Brasserie Bosso


Dining out in Luxembourg City can be an expensive affair, but it needn't be. There are still some great budget places to try out.

Whilst your luncheon vouchers won't cover the cost of a meal in all the places we mention, we're hoping you won't be too out of pocket.

For the purposes of this article, we define cheap eats as around €10-15 for a main meal, although there are some restaurants offering main dishes for less than €10. There are also plenty of food trucks and takeaways where you can find great food for lower prices.

Old Town

An established favourite, Independent Café does great salads, burgers, and omelettes, plus the weekday menu of the day costs between €13,60-14,80, with dishes such as risotto, enchiladas or couscous.

Who doesn't love a bowl of noodles? Dancing noodles has meat or vegetarian variations, some for €13,80, with most starters from €5-6,50. You can check out the ramen at Red Face and get a bowl of Tom Yam Kung soup with prawns for €8,80.

Chinese ramen bowls from Hong Kong to Guang Zhou come stacked high and cut price with main dishes from €10-15, plus starters such as spring rolls won't set you back much more than €6 at the Place Guillaume II eatery Ramen.

Tuck into gluten- and lactose-free rice and sauces from Persian FoodBox (who also have a good vegan selection). Try chicken fillet with walnut and pomegranate sauce, or aubergine with yellow split peas and tomatoes. Rice boxes with sauce cost €10,80.

You'll never be alone if you sit outside Kumpir - the happy potato, as the exterior is painted with people to keep you company. Kumpir is Turkish for baked potato, and is a popular street food in Istanbul served with a variety of toppings from spicy Turkish sausage or chilli, to chicken curry and goulash. Most are priced at between €10-15 and there are vegetarian choices. Sister restaurant, Bistro Levante is located at Bonnevoie and has a dish of the day for between €13,50-15,90, including tuna lasagne, beef goulash, and roasted chicken.

Gare quarter

Gare is the perfect place for anyone eating out on a shoestring budget. You can try the weekday lunch menu for as little as €13 at Café Alison (including a main course and dessert), whilst Cocottes (also in other locations in Luxembourg) has a good choice of hot and cold meals, including vegetarian options, mostly under €15.

For some vegan or veggie Middle Eastern cuisine head to the Green Olive where okra stew with rice will set you back just €10,90, stuffed aubergines €11,90, and a Lebanese Fattoush salad with Arabic bread just €9,40. You’ll find plenty of low-cost options at Syrian restaurant Damas from kofta and falafel to chicken shish kebabs.

Pick up an escalope with fries and salad at Pasta Buongiorno for €13, or a selection of pasta with sauces for €8 or a nice variety of weekday dishes of the day for €8,50. Vegan coffee shop Onda also has soup of the day for €8.

There are also numerous Asian restaurants in the Gare quarter that cater to diners on a budget. Nirvana Cafe dishes up vegan curries or dish of the day for just €9,25. Krishna Vilas, offers south Indian cuisine such as masala dosas, perfect for the cold weather, and just €7,50.

If you're in a rush, Gare has a Five Guys and O'Tacos. A better bet is to head to Lux'Burgers to pick up a fresh burger with Belgian style fries.


Head to Luxembourg's only Afghan restaurant, Bamyan, for some cut-price cuisine including okra and tomato stew with bread for €10,70 or Afghan dumplings with garlic and tomato sauce for €13,50.

If you stick to tapas or sharing plates you can definitely dine for less. A mixture of tapas will set you back €13,50 at Culture Bar, and a sharing cheese plate €23,50. Mains start at €15,50.

If you’re in a big group and need to cater to a variety of tastes, Maybe not Bob’s can do pasta, pizza, steaks, veggie chilli, burgers and salads. They don’t mind if you just order fries and a beer.


You can get local cuisine and spätzle, or a vast choice of other dishes from omelettes to casseroles, with many choices on the menu costing less than €15 at Brasserie Bosso. Next door, Oscar’s offers steak and chips for €15,80, and has a menu with burgers, fishcakes and chilli all at budget prices.

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