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How to use 21 days’ leave to get 47 days off in 2023

Make the most of public holidays to maximise vacation time using minimal leave

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As the weather starts to get brighter who isn’t planning their vacation, checking flight destinations, package holidays and cottages for hire?

The canny holiday planner will have noticed that Luxembourg's public and bank holidays for 2023 happen to be perfect for maximising your time off work, using the minimum amount of annual leave.

Eek out more from your annual leave to be with the kids when they’re not at school or treasure some “me time” if they are, or simply take a decent break from work and a chance to get to the holiday destinations you were deprived of during the pandemic.

Here’s how:

1-16 April: take eight days off to get 16

At Easter, combine Good Friday and Easter Monday with the weeks around them, take eight days off work and get a 16-day break.

6-14 May : take four days to get nine

Fancy a week’s getaway in mid-May? Tuesday 9 May is a public holiday to celebrate Europe Day, meaning you only need to take four days’ leave to be off for 9 days.

18-29 May: take six days off to get 12

Book the six days off between 18 May (Ascension Day) and 29 May (Whit Monday) to get 12 days away from the office.

23 December-1 January: take three days to get 10

In 2023 you will only need to take leave from 27-29 December to put your feet up for 10 days. Add another four days’ leave and you can wave goodbye to your desk from 23 December to 7 January, or a whopping 16 days. A bit of winter sun or a trip to the ski slopes might be just the ticket for a good start to 2024.

There are long weekends, which you can also turn into short breaks, including the 1 May public holiday which falls on a Monday, and the National Day on Friday 23 June.

*These dates assume that you don’t work weekends or public holidays.

Public and bank holiday dates

How does this fit with the school holidays?

Either because you’ve got children, or you want to avoid them on holiday, here are some links to the school holiday dates in state schools, and the two European Schools.

Check school websites for other school holiday dates – you can find a list of schools here.

Luxembourg state schools – holiday dates

European institution schools – Kirchberg and Mamer – Holiday dates

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