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#LuMuDays - our pick of museums

Our pick of museums that are taking part in this weekend’s free open doors for LuMuDays

Luxembourg's National Museum of Natural History is one of forty museums that opens its doors for free this weekend for LuMuDays

Luxembourg's National Museum of Natural History is one of forty museums that opens its doors for free this weekend for LuMuDays © Photo credit: Caroline Martin

Jenny Biver

This weekend, 40 museums in Luxembourg open their doors for free from 10:00 to 18:00, offering various special programmes for the whole family. Luxembourg has lot of history, culture and natural beauty, and there are numerous museums that reflect this rich diversity.

The LuMuDays are organised by the International Council of Museums, as part of the International Museum Day on 18 May. The event is intended to raise awareness about museums as a means of cultural exchange and development of mutual understanding.

Criss-cross through Luxembourg and immerse yourself in the patrimony - from farming history, cloth dying and the Second World War, to Luxembourgish brewing culture and the country’s immigration past.

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The number of participants in activities is limited and it is recommended to book guided tours or workshops in advance.

More information & programme:

For something different

Country Museum Binsfeld


At the northern tip of Luxembourg – a part that is sometimes forgotten – you can discover the history of this region and its rural life through a vast collection of historic objects and photographs. Set across several rooms you can take a look at a country kitchen, and see what a bedroom or dining area in an old rural cottage might have looked like.

National Brewing Art Museum


Luxembourg takes great pride in its centuries old beer brewing tradition. Throw yourself into the world of water, hops and malt in the museum that is installed in the former stables of the Wiltz castle.

Cloth factory museum


Wool woven into cloth was a staple industry in bygone times

Wool woven into cloth was a staple industry in bygone times © Photo credit: Chris Karaba


At the visitor centre of the Haute Sûre Nature park, a former cloth factory that was in operation until 1975 has been turned into a museum where you can learn about the traditional process of fabric weaving. Discover how to dye textiles with plants from the Nature park at a workshop this weekend.

Musée national de la Résistance


The National Museum of Resistance traces the history of the Grand Duchy during the Second World War. It covers Nazi repression, the concentration camps, as well as the fate of Luxembourg's Jews, through photos, objects and art. This weekend, the museum offers free guided tours of the memory trail through Esch-sur-Alzette, which provide insight into the history of the town during the period 1940-1945.

Documentation Centre on Human Migration


The Documentation Centre on Human Migration (CDMH) aims to contribute to a better understanding of Luxembourg’s profound migration history. Today, more than 47,5% of people living in the Grand Duchy hold a nationality other than Luxembourgish. Located in the Italian district near the former steel and mining area, the history and unusual architecture offer a unique testimony of the socio-cultural heritage of Luxembourg’s immigration past. During the museum days, discover an exhibition on migrants from tsarist Russia.

The national museums

Some of the more renowned museums in and around the city centre are arranging special workshops, guided tours and events this weekend. Take the opportunity to revisit your favourite exhibition or discover familiar topics from a different angle.

Lëtzebuerg City Museum

Luxembourg City

Embedded in four historic buildings from the 17th and 19th centuries, the museum brings the capital’s thousand years of history to life. Discover the role that water plays in Luxembourg, attend a guided tour of an exhibition on conspiracy theories, or learn more about what mermaids and unicorns have to do with Luxembourgish history.

Natur musée

Luxembourg City

If you are interested in space or flora and fauna, the National Museum of Natural History is the place for you. The diverse world of plants, animals, and the universe are displayed in an educational yet inspiring way. A packed programme for the weekend invites visitors to discover the art of taxidermy, uncover the mysteries of the universe in the dark, and offers several workshops for kids.


Luxembourg City

The Contemporary Art Museum of Luxembourg is iconic alone for its building. But the interior is just as much worth a visit, with fantastic artistic and cultural exhibitions for every taste and age. During the LuMuDays, the Mudam offers an extensive programme with guided tours, workshops and surprises.

The Family of Man


Family of Man has free guided tours as part of the museum weekend

Family of Man has free guided tours as part of the museum weekend © Photo credit: Marc Wilwert


Registered as a UNESCO Memory of the World Heritage, the photo exhibition which composes 503 photographs by 273 artists from 68 countries, was assembled by Luxembourgish-American photographer Edward Steichen as a manifesto for peace and equality of mankind. First shown at the MoMa in New York in 1955, the exhibition is now permanently installed at the Castle of Clervaux. Free guided tours are offered this weekend.

The Museum of Luxembourg Castle models


Also located at Clervaux Castle, this museum promises a journey back in time for the whole family. The magnificence of the castles and palaces of Luxembourg can be seen at a scale of 1:100, and the exhibition tells the story from the Middle Ages to the 21st century. During the LuMuDays, a treasure hunt throughout Clervaux on the topic of Fairtrade has been organized.