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Covid draws donors to Luxembourg University

Around 19% of donations went to fighting the pandemic

University of Luxembourg

University of Luxembourg © Photo credit: LW-Archiv

Julie Éddé

A large proportion of donations made to the University of Luxembourg last year were destined to fight the current pandemic, according to the latest annual report published on Tuesday. Donations made to research Covid-19 represented 19% of the total, ahead of funds given for Parkinson's disease and computer science, according to the university's 2020 annual report. The university received donations amounting to €2.64 million in 2020.

"Many existing donors asked how they could help and often donated funds for Covid-19 research in addition to the funds they had already committed to other causes," said Philippe Lamesch, head of fundraising at the university, in the annual report.

The large majority of donors are foundations (64%) followed by corporations (26%) and associations (6%).

Some 200 researchers provided advice on combatting the disease to government institutions and health authorities through the national Covid-19 Task Force set up by the university and other public research institutions. Other expertise included evaluating the infection prevalence, clinical trials, statistical projections and gauging the economic impact.

The university's budget grew 20% in two years to €299 million, the large majority of which is funded by the state.

“We have much to learn about the next phase of the pandemic, in which new vaccines are available but also newly circulating strains appeared,” Professor Paul Wilmes in charge of the Covid-19 task force said in the annual report.