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Five stories you may have missed

It's been a busy week, so in case you've missed any of our stories here are five of our best

Source: LT staff
Photo: Serge Braun

Photo: Serge Braun

Luxembourg's airline winding down as air travel collapses

Luxembourg's flagship airline has cut its scheduled flights by about 80% due to the Covid-19 outbreak and could ground its jets entirely as would-be travellers stay home and airport conditions become more constrained, a Luxair Group spokesman said Wednesday.

Luxair said earlier this week it was suspending flights to Italy, Spain and a long list of other European destinations into April and even May. But there will likely be more cancellations as the world's airlines face a sudden freeze of air travel, Luxair spokesman Joe Schroeder said in a telephone interview.

Struggling firms virus loans upped to €500,000 maximum

Luxembourg raised the maximum it is prepared to lend to companies struggling because of the coronavirus pandemic to €500,000 from an earlier cap of €200,000.

Last week, the economy and small- and medium-sized enterprises ministries put in place a draft law to help such firms. The amendments, passed on Tuesday, extend those measures.

ArcelorMittal starts closing Luxembourg steel mills

Luxembourg-based steel giant ArcelorMittal began shutting down its three production mills in the country on Friday as the ongoing Covid-19 outbreak forced so many workers to stay at home the factories could no longer operate.

The shutdown of steel mills in Differdange, Rodange and Belval will last at least a week, the world's largest steelmaker said.

How to stay sane when grounded by the virus

The coronavirus pandemic has plunged the world – including Luxembourg – into uncertainty, as the number of infections continues to rise, and governments are rushing to shore up the health sector and stem the crisis’ growing economic fallout.

But the seemingly endless barrage of bad news – coupled with restricted movement and new modes of working, learning and living at home – is also taking a toll on mental health.

Have the room to yourself: living with Covid-19

A man who tested positive for coronavirus goes about his daily life wearing a mask at home, trying to stay in a separate room to avoid passing on the potentially deadly infection to his wife.

Benjamin – who spoke to the Luxembourg Times on the condition that only his first name was mentioned – fell ill last week, and tested positive for the virus. While he had suffered from a slight temperature, he was not showing the dry cough and breathing difficulties widely ascribed to be symptomatic of the disease that is causing a worldwide epidemic.

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