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Five stories you may have missed

In case you missed them, the Luxembourg Times has selected five top news stories of the week for you

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Wedged between cars and pedestrians, cyclists are having a tough time navigating Luxembourg's construction sites Photo: Guy Wolff

Wedged between cars and pedestrians, cyclists are having a tough time navigating Luxembourg's construction sites Photo: Guy Wolff

Pandemic no gear shift for bikers in Luxembourg

Luxembourg failed to seize the pandemic as a chance to allow cyclists to reclaim the streets, activists say, as other European capitals have massively expanded bike paths. Brussels added 40 kilometres of cycling paths during the coronavirus crisis, removing lanes for cars on busy thoroughfares such as the Rue de la Loi which cuts straight through the EU quarter. Luxembourg City did not follow suit.

SES picks SpaceX to launch satellites for US 5G network

SES has chosen Elon Musk's SpaceX to launch satellites it will use to replace capacity in the US telecommunications spectrum, making room for a new 5G wireless network, the company announced on Wednesday. Luxembourg satellite operator in June said that defence company Northrop Grumman and aerospace company Boeing would build four new satellites for it, after the US telecommunications regulator asked SES to vacate the C-band spectrum, which it wants to use to provide super-fast 5G.

Luxembourg businesses could see bankruptcies rise in autumn

Luxembourg's businesses are facing a potential wave of bankruptcies in autumn as the pandemic depresses the economy and many businesses are forced to close again for weeks this summer, the head of an organisation representing service, mechanical and construction companies said. Luxembourg's total economic activity is projected to shrink by between 6.5% and 7.7% in 2020 compared to last year, depending on how well the country manages to contain the pandemic, the OECD estimated.

Luxembourg envisions greener defence spending measures

Luxembourg defence planners are proposing that money spent to prevent wars should count toward its military commitments just as much as bulking up forces with aircraft or guns. The government is trying to convince NATO that combatting climate change is a defence contribution in line with Luxembourg’s promise to increase military spending. Otherwise, the world’s heating environment will have "adverse effects" on regions already destabilised by poverty or poor governance, the defence ministry told the Luxembourg Times.

Kirchberg housing plans nixed as city ignores bats, dormouse

Luxembourg faced a double defeat as a court knocked out two housing plans in Kirchberg in one month, pointing out that the banking and European Union administrative district also houses protected animals including three types of bats, lizards and a rare moth. The Schoettermarial and Kennedy-South were two areas Luxembourg had designated as new residential quarters, as the city pushes to create more housing in the business district, where some 40,000 people come to work every day, but which is home to only 4,000 people.

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