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LuxFLAG manager Sachin Vankalas dies of Covid-19

Sachin Vankalas died at the age of 38

Sachin Vankalas , LuxFlag general manager

Sachin Vankalas , LuxFlag general manager © Photo credit: Chris Karaba

Julie Éddé

The general manager of LuxFLAG, Luxembourg's sustainable finance lobby group, has died of Covid-19 after battling the disease in hospital, a spokesperson confirmed on Friday. Sachin Vankalas, who worked at LuxFLAG for 10 years, died at the age of 38.

"Sachin was universally recognized for his expertise and pioneering leadership in responsible investment," a press release from LuxFLAG said on Friday.

LuxFLAG is a non-profit organisation that awards labels to sustainable investments.

Finance Minister Pierre Gramegna paid his condolences in a message on Twitter, describing Vankalas as a "pillar of LuxFLAG and our sustainable finance community".