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Unvaccinated lead hospitalisations, weekly Covid data says

Vaccinations are up compared to previous week as stricter rules come into force in some places

Vaccine syringes

Vaccine syringes © Photo credit: dpa

Unvaccinated residents are leading Covid hospitalisations in Luxembourg, as the country grapples with a new surge in coronavirus cases.

Of the 34 people hospitalised in the Grand Duchy with Covid-19 during the week beginning October 25, only seven of them had been vaccinated, the Health Ministry said on Wednesday. Six had been fully vaccinated.

This comes as Luxembourg is seeing a rise in infections as the country approaches the colder winter months.

The number of active coronavirus infections on 31 October stood at 2,041, up by 20% from a week earlier, Health Ministry figures on Wednesday also reported, with wastewater analysis showing a resurgence of the virus over the month of October.

Over the long All Saints bank holiday weekend, Luxembourg reported five more deaths linked to the Covic-19 virus, a number which had not been reported for months.

During the week ending on 31 October, a total of 15,746 doses were administered, compared to 10,556 a week before, in a sign that more people are complying with the government's call to get vaccinated, including stricter rules for the unvaccinated.

As of 1 November, companies have been allowed ask their employees' health status and penalise them if they do not comply with checks. People going to bars and restaurants also face Covid screening before being allowed to enter.

The rest of Europe is also fighting an autumn wave of the virus, with Greece and Netherlands on Tuesday announcing restrictions such as masking and a wider use of vaccine passports.