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About us

The Luxembourg Times is the country’s leading quality online newspaper in English. It covers all the news the world needs to know about Luxembourg, and all that Luxembourg needs to know about the world.

The seven reporters at the Luxembourg Times write about the European Union, business and finance, and life and politics in Luxembourg.

The Luxembourg Times looks with a critical but balanced view at the news in the country and abroad. Its editorial principles are in line with that of its parent publication the Luxemburger Wort, and its publisher, the Group Mediahuis Luxembourg.

The Luxembourg Times aims to be the leading source of news about Luxembourg in English. Its target audience are foreign professionals in the country, their families, and everybody abroad who takes a professional interest in Luxembourg.

Good journalism has a price. At the Luxembourg Times, we work hard to bring you reliable news every day - news that informs your decisions and shapes your view of the world. A subscription will set you back less than 10 euros a month. Ask your employer - many companies make the Luxembourg Times freely available for their employees!