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Authorisation of establishment n°10026582/2 & 3 issued by the Ministry of Economy on December 16th 2021
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31, rue de Hollerich L-1741 Luxembourg
Phone: (+352) 49 93-1


CEO: Paul Peckels


Roland Arens


Deputy Editor in chief: Heledd Pritchard (HP)

Reporters: Yannick Hansen (YH), Emery Dalesio (ED), Yannick Lambert (YL), John Monaghan (JM), Gabrielle Antar (GA)

Publishing Manager: Haneyl Jacob


31, rue de Hollerich L-1741 Luxembourg
Téléphone : (+352) 4993-9000
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The publications produced by Mediahuis Luxembourg SA aim to provide information that contributes towards creating a democratic, tolerant and fair society in respect of the Luxembourg constitutional order. They help towards the construction of Europe as well as any national or international effort aimed at creating peace and justice in the world. Mediahuis Luxembourg publications support humanism and the fundamental values of Christianity, especially Catholic social doctrine.

The group's publications aim to apply to the entire population living or working in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and neighbouring regions. They give a prominent place to national and local information taking into account the traditions, diversity and the continuing evolution of Luxembourg society.

At the centre of its work is the right to public information, offering readers complete and general information of a high quality. Mediahuis Luxembourg media content is characterised by its professionalism, rigour, critical thinking and intellectual honesty and not by voyeurism and sensationalism. When selecting what content to present, it seeks relevant information with regard to the functioning of a pluralistic democracy, while giving appropriate space for services and entertainment.

The editorial staff ensure they do not share their opinions on events until after they have provided the reader with all the factual information necessary for them to form their own opinions. They ensure a clear distinction between facts and comments, and take care to ensure that the positions defended in the comments are supported by facts. The group's media promote democratic debate by opening their pages to views which may not always be shared by the editor. The daily application of Mediahuis Luxembourg's editorial line is followed by the editorial staff under the direction of the director of publications.

The editorial staff, which works to uphold these rules and the journalists' code of conduct, should be free from any third party influence in any decisions regarding its editorial content.